Crazy P, live at Islington Assembly Hall

Four Snobs and three subordinates cannot believe their ears. Admittedly, excitement for Crazy P live was growing amongst us over the past three months – we even erupted into an impromptu dance party at HQ last week, and it was all down to someone putting SOS on. As such, the Snobs – Cuzomano, Easy C, John and El Mascarado – and three subordinates arrived early and intact at the delightful Islington Assembly Hall for the Big Event.

Going deep on hedonism, we boogie down to a great mix of mood-setting belters from the fantastic pre-show DJs as we move to the front to await what Chris Todd, Jim Baron, Tim Davies, Matt Klose and spectacular front-woman Danielle Moore have to offer.

Crazy P arrive later than expected to the stage, by which point we are so excited it’s all getting a bit Audio Lad-ery while sporadic whooping erupts from the crowd. The group open with new album single Kari, whose slow build-up gently reveals the band’s absolutely impeccable production – the sound of their performance at the Islington Assembly Hall is phenomenal, driving their incredibly infectious dance music into the stratosphere as your dear Snobs collectively lose their shit.

“How is this band not huge?” is a collective question we kept asking our bewildered selves. Danielle Moore’s electrifying performance, replete with impressive dancing, signs and hilarious chat is immensely captivating. It is flabbergasting that, in 2019, with all it’s Me Too self-awareness, this truly talented heroine is not more widely recognised and lauded.

A karate kick.

Crazy P lean heavily on their new album material this tour – and rightly so: it is a great album. It is similarly shocking that none of the major Music media outlets reviewed it. Kari is followed by The Witness, where Crazy P prove themselves to be everything HVOB, Miami Horror, et al. wish they were. The group are top-tier performers, like a proto-Hot Chip during Lean on Me, and confident – we catch all members flashing smiles, loving life, and can’t help but want what they’re having.

“Ooooh this is a tune!” shouts Cuzomano. The beat grows louder. A smile greets Easy C’s face. The most under-rated Dance act in the UK continue to emphasise that very point. So SOS begins. Cuzomano had actually threatened that he would leave should Crazy P not play SOS within the first five songs of the performance – fortunately, Crazy P delivered. They know a setlist. Replete with saxophonist, the performance is truly faultless. Moore picks up a sign bearing We Will Fuck You Up and the set moves effortlessly through the likes of Cuzomano-favourite Love Is With You, Stop Space Return and the phenomenal Echo (during which Easy C went to relieve himself, the complete moron).

Fuck yeah!

“Hope I didn’t show my vajayjay. It’s a good workout, that!” yells Moore after dancing her backside off to Echo. John, completely hammered, is yelling “Bora!” for more.

In truth, Crazy P warrant any stage. They are deserving of the likes of Alexandra Palace, and we are sure people would flock to see them. The crowd itself is immensely diverse, as you’d expect from a band that has been going since 1995, originally known as Crazy Penis (we assume they realised they had to change the name when they realised they were fucking great). Then again, if ever a group were to prove the complete and utter irrelevance of age in being a top-tier artist, it is Crazy P (not The Rolling Stones, although we love them too).

Every song features distinctly Prince-y rhythms and improvisations that render dancing irresistible. There are also notes of Talking Heads in their live performance that nod to an admiration of artists who truly performed their music.

Crazy P close with Witch Doctor. They leave the stage. John screams “Get the fuck back! Come the fuck back right now!” at the top of his voice. People stare, but John’s words make total sense.

They return with a sing-along rendition of fan favourite Heartbreaker. Moore then re-emerges for final song This Fire, joined by the Harris Gospel Choir to make sure things are dialled-up to eleven before your favourite Snobs head back to HQ.

This is a band that you truly must see and support. Audio Snobbery loves Crazy P.