Tardiness is a very unbecoming trait, and yet here your beloved Snobs find themselves seeking Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, after a rather unbecoming delay to proceedings. Such is the challenge of maintaining superlative, authentic, independent music journalism in tandem with sporadic sprints on the money treadmill, we suppose.

Nevertheless, no challenge whatsoever could impede the Snobs from releasing yet another superlative playlist for your listening pleasure. It is thus that we present our latest and greatest, AVDIIIO SNOBBERY.

Consensus was rather more readily built during the (typically hedonistic) curation session for our eighth playlist. In spite of moody opener, Soul Mining (from the magnificent The The), we were actually all feeling rather happy – you see, love is in the air chez Snobbery HQ, with a majority of the Snobs now bathing in the endorphins of fledgling partnership. It’s thus no surprise that AVDIIIO SNOBBERY quickly veers away from Billie Eilish’s sensational anxiety-pop bad guy to The Bees’ I Love You, Lianne La Havas’ sumptuous Green & Gold (Prince’s tentacles continue to have cultural impact), and Brazilian Rita Lee’s Mania De Você.

That’s not to say we’ve forgotten some Audio Snobbery favourites, though, including Courtney Barnett’s Everybody Here Hates You, Beirut’s beautiful Light In The Atoll and Franc Moody’s You Got Some Nerve. Otacon also threw in the left-field-yet-fantastic Theme From “The Warriors” while John maintained our love for Damon Albarn, adding Blur’s The Universal for your aural pleasure.

Never shy of shouting out to our friends, Miguel Migs’ Zuzu rightfully nods to one particular disciple with a napoleonic complex, though we’ll only know if he actually reads these posts if we get an angry message shortly after publishing these very words. Our sense of humour continued to prevail with this playlist’s closer, the infectious, slice of the ’90s Whatta Man, from Salt-N-Pepa.

As alluded to upon our seventh release, we encourage you to stay tuned over the coming months, as we are busy tinkering away on something rather special for you all. Our ninth release is yet to come, and then we shall conclude the second decade of the new millennium with something a little bit special…

Cryptic messaging aside, below you can find our favourite tracks from this release. Stay classy, beloved readers.

With love, as ever.
The Snobs

The Snobs’ Top Tracks


Lianne La Havas – Green & Gold
Gabriella Cohen – Neil Young Goes Crazy
The Bees – I Love You
Mos Def – Sun, Moon, Stars
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley – Akoko Ba


Tyler, The Creator – Earfquake
Kurt Vile – One Trick Ponies
Ana Moura – Desfado
PJ Harvey – A Place Called Home
Helado Negro – Pais Nublado