Patient and persistent readers will know that we Snobs have been alluding to something “big” coming for quite some time. As always, when it comes to size, everything is relative, but, by our standards, this is big. The product of a fair few months’ work, your dear Snobs have produced the most glorious, most beautiful AS X.

For our tenth playlist, we chose to extend the human algorithm one degree further and curated our own curation. The challenge: pick the top five from the last nine playlists to create an “ultimate” playlist that we could all agree on. There being only five Snobs, this would roughly equate to one track per Snob, and simple majorities (given the odd number of Snobs) would dictate passage to the hallowed annals of AS X (it even sounds like “ass sex” which means, subject to your proclivity, it must be good).

And the end result? Like a Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare turnaround, it’s actually palatable (we would say that, it took us about three months and two-and-a-half curation sessions, which made even us reconsider curation sessions).

So here you have it, the crème de la crème, as it were – our favourite five songs from each playlist, as curated by us, presented in chronological order. Forty-five belters spanning genres and history but all beautiful in their own right. There are classic Snob favourites (Blur, Crazy P, Caroline Rose, DARKSIDE, Let’s Eat Grandma), Heroes (Prince, Thom Yorke), and Latinos (Gilberto Gil, Tim Maia) – it’s all there, for your listening pleasure. Shockingly, however, there’s no Bowie. Nope. You read that right. Apparently four out of five Snobs still don’t yet comprehend true artistry, and Dave only made the AS X B-Sides (oh yes, we made B-Sides – and they’re delightful, too).

No, we decided not to pick our top five songs from our top five songs from each playlist (yes, the question was raised, but this is not Inception).

If you save any playlist we cough up, it should be this one. Kick back, pour yourself a healthy dose of cachaça and enjoy.

With love, as ever.
The Snobs