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Designed to be played in order, not shuffled.

Another month passes in one of the most skippable years of human history, but the snobbery playlist train continues unabated. With that, we give you our latest playlist incarnation to date: AS15.

Following on from one of the best albums to come out of this annus horribilis, we indulged our love for Fiona Apple further with the opening of Get Gone. This is swiftly followed by another excellent album of 2020 in the form My Morning Jacket’s Magic Bullet. So magical it is that you could never envisage the ensuing pandemic surrounding us as it blares out from the newly-located HQ speakers.

Our love for West Coast Hip-Hop is further highlighted by diving into 2Pac’s treasure trove with To Live & Die in L.A., as well Ice Cube’s extremely visceral but irresistible No Vaseline.

No Snobbery playlist is complete without some form of electronic music and with that we resurfaced The Chemical Brothers’ Further with the excellent Dissolve. Romare continues his pristine production with his latest album, Home, so it is no wonder that High had to feature in our latest instalment.

The rest of the playlist we shall leave to be discovered and enjoyed by yourselves. We hope it brings you the same enjoyment it brought us making it.

With love, as ever,
The Snobs

The Snobs’ Top Tracks

2Pac – To Live & Die In L.A.
The Chemical Brothers – Dissolve
Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure?
The Velvet Underground – All Tomorrow’s Parties
Niki & The Dove – Ode To Dance Floor