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And just like that, another month has come and gone as we near the end of the worst year ever. With only one more month left in this rollercoaster year, the world is hunkering down as both the days get shorter and the coronavirus makes a resurgence. Fear not though, our latest playlist is ready to shine some light: AS16.

The playlist opens with another strong contribution from Snob favorite, Prince. This time with Power Fantastic off the recently remastered super deluxe version of Sign o’ the Times, an album that shares the same name as the conclusion to Cuzomano’s excellent Heroes trilogy (do yourself a favor and go read this if you haven’t already).

Trouble is in town via the title track to Marvin Gaye’s 1972 Trouble Man; his soft and soulful voice kindly reminding us that “there’s only three things for sure: taxes, death and trouble.” Speaking of soulful voices, newcomer Arlo Park’s Green Eyes was in heavy rotation with its soothing dream pop vibes. The Snobs are eagerly awaiting the young British singer’s debut album that is slated for a January 2021 release.

Another British soul act that we have been grooving to as of late is Sault’s I Just Want to Dance. Sault has made quite the splash in 2020, what with two full length albums, of which Easy C reviewed the latest Untitled (Rise), and currently a front runner for a spot on out Albums of 2020 (more to come shortly).

Elsewhere, UK psych-rock act Django Django came off a several year hiatus with the catchy and energizing Spirals. The song hadn’t even been released for a month before MGMT released a trip-y remix of the song.

Stateside, the presidential election was taking a toll on Otacon’s mental state and was reflected in his contributions. Ranging from the late American poet Gil Scott-Heron’s upbeat The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, warning us that freedom is not a spectator sport, to Radiohead’s grim and apocalyptic Idioteque (El Mascarado is always thrilled to see yet another Radiohead song make it into the playlist haha).

As always dear readers, we encourage you to explore the playlist for yourselves. We hope our latest effort brings some much needed joy to these gloomy days. Further, please do reach out and tell us what you’ve been tripping on as of late.

With love, as ever,
The Snobs

The Snobs’ Top Tracks

Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man
The Clash – London Calling
Prince – Power Fantastic
Django Django – Spirals
Dehd – Disappear