AS x Pink Floyd

There is something magic about rock bands. Once in a while groups of underdog musicians get together to create masterpieces that stand the test of time. Yet, creative leaders of super bands have disappointed us in their solo careers numerous times. The experience and reputation are there, alongside resources to hire incredibly talented musicians, but the magic just vanishes. Is anyone else thinking about Paul Mccartney right now?

Pink Floyd were perhaps granted with the same magic factor as the Beatles. Greatly inspired by Syd Barrett, their charismatic short term leader, the band created exciting, experimental concept albums that reflected on humanity’s big questions. Time limit was always absent in the creative process, but the band still managed to conquer radio and charts with numerous singles.

Just like most of you, we have listened to some of those singles since we remember, but recently felt pretty unaware of the band’s work and decided to settle a trip through time and space to explore the band’s full studio discography (15 albums!).

We recognise that it is not every day that we can dedicate ourselves to such a saga and that is why we are happy to share with you a playlist that attempts to condense Pink Floyd’s interesting rise and fall.

We forced ourselves to retain at least one song from each album and ordered them chronologically. You may follow the original order to experience the evolution of the band (Roger Waters leaves at #35) or just shuffle to occasionally enjoy some songs.

With that said, let’s set the controls for the heart of the sun!