We are five people who love music, some of us with proximity to the industry itself. We want to share our thoughts and the songs we love with people who care to listen. If you have an opinion, that’s nice – go start your own blog and write your own, considered response to our posts. That is how sensible discourse actually occurs – not on an algorithmic cesspit full of throwaway comments masquerading as insight. If we have one opinion, it is this: what you think is irrelevant; music is inherently subjective and you do not matter more than us. That is why we are snobs. If you don’t like it, go complain about it on social media – it won’t make a difference, but maybe you’ll enjoy the endorphin hit from a few ‘likes’ for twenty minutes.

Audio Snobbery began as a playlist – almost by accident – as three of us sought to find excellent music to play on each other’s magnificent speakers when ensemble. There were a few rules: no adding any old track, share the track with the group for approval beforehand and curate ruthlessly. This quickly then became a group discussion around music, and three became the five illustrious snobs you read today: Cuzomano, Easy C, El MascaradoOtacon and John (John is called John because he decided to take a week’s ‘hiatus from the Internet’ at the same time as we chose our pseudonyms – the fool).

Our playlist releases will be somewhat quarterly, and in the meantime we will share thoughts, observations, reviews and other bits and pieces as and when we feel like it.

Grab some headphones and open your mind. Tell everyone else to be quiet; we’re educating you.

P.S. If you want to get in touch with us, we abhor social media. Try the good old fashioned way and shoot an email to